Teddy Bear Picnic Preparation
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Teddy Bear Picnic Preparation

Posted by on September 9, 2012

For the twins birthday party this year they are having a teddy bears picnic at the local park. I am currently organising what I need to make, organise ingredients, sort out games for the day, and anything else that is needed on the day.

I created my own invitation for the day as it was more personal but I did get inspiration from one that I saw online, see below for invite and thank you card idea.

My inspiration for the invitation

My inspiration for the invitation


Ideas for Thank You cards

Ideas for Thank You cards

Some of the party  food I would like is below, aside from the cake, nibbles and of course some healthy options, but it is only if we have time to be this creative:

If you are hosting a teddy bear’s picnic then the following links might help you get started:

Teddy Bear Picnic Games:

If you have organised a successful teddy bears picnic please send in what you did and especially the games. If you have any pictures please feel free to post them on it as well.

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2 Responses to Teddy Bear Picnic Preparation

  1. Sarah Teddy Bear

    Thank you for those links!

    • Suzanne

      So glad they were helpful Sarah. If you would like you can link to my blog post on your site. Suzanne

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