Don’t Quit Your Dreams

How true is this! Keep believing and keep the dream! Image from Pinterest.

How true is this! Keep believing and keep the dream! Image from Pinterest.

Do you have wonderful day dreams? I do and I have some that are playing non stop and that I am working to achieve. Lately I have felt like quitting the blog, but I have stuck with it. I am sure that you have had moments where you doubt yourself. Having these thoughts are all normal and something I know others have gone through as well.

So I’m dusting myself off from the negative talk and doubts and soldiering on to build my dream.

I don’t want to think of something that might be, rather I would like to give it a go and see what will happen.


I love dreaming and dreams help build the future. Image found on PInterest.

I love dreaming and dreams help build the future. Image found on Pinterest.

Have you been close to quitting something? Did you hang in there? Is your dream now a success?

Let us know what happened? Did your dreams become a reality? Are you happy about your decision to continue with your dream or did you decide to move on and do something else? Send in your comments.

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Me Time: Day Spa Here I Come

Last year hubby and the kids got a voucher for a day spa at one of the fancy hotels up here. The present was for Mother’s Day last year and today I am finally using my spa day treat. I cannot wait. A day of relaxation and me time.

AHHH Relaxation at the Spa today! Winning.

AHHH Relaxation at the Spa today! Winning.

What is your favourite time out activity? Is it pampering at a day spa? A massage? A facial or just coffee and a catch up with friends? I wouldn’t mind any of them actually.

Today is my day to pretend that I have millions in the bank and I swan about at day spa’s every day. Not really but it is a great fantasy.

Hubby is going to spend the day with the kids. The house is tidy enough for relatives that are visiting tomorrow so a little tidy up tomorrow before they arrive is all that is needed. Today is rest day and spa day to be precise!

After my spa treatment I hope to get some lunch and soak in the atmosphere of the luxurious hotel.

So what are you up to this Easter Saturday? Hope you have a nice relaxing day.

Send in your best things that you do for you. What helps recharge the batteries when you finally get some me time. Send in your comments.

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WIN: A Pack of Treasures Nappies

Do you have a little baby? A toddler that is still in nappies? Or know someone who could use a pack of nappies? How about winning a pack of Treasures Nappies? Well read on to find out how.

Treasures nappies for boys and girls - 4-7kgs

Treasures nappies for boys and girls – 4-7kgs

More about Treasures Nappies

Treasures have been creating nappies for New Zealand mums and dads for 30 years.  The nappies are absorbent with fantastic leak protection, also making sure that they are soft and comfortable for your baby.

The nappies have a unique rapid flow liner that helps draw moisture/liquid away from the baby’s skin, the drycore works to keep and lock wetness away keeping your little one dry and comfy.

How did I help my babies sleep through the night?

When the twins were babies, I was blessed that they were good sleepers. However they did have their share of bad nights, sick, teething and just out of sorts.  When they were out of sorts, or ill. I made sure of course that they had a fresh nappy, clean clothes and was warm enough. If they needed medicine, I gave it to them, made sure they had a bottle of milk and then cuddled them until they were sleepy enough to be put back to bed in their cot.

Since I had twins, I woke kids to feed them so I fed them at the same time. However if one was sick and the other was not, I tried not to wake the other. Sometimes this was successful and others not.

Treasures nappies for boys and girls - 13-18kgs

Treasures nappies for boys and girls – 13-18kgs

What do you win?

The lovely people at Treasures Nappies is offering one of my readers a prize pack consisting of 8 packs of 24 Treasures nappies with maximum retail value $74. How amazing would this be? Yes a nice way to help with the costs of having a baby. I used many hundreds of nappies due to having twins, I am sure you can imagine. Winning a prize like this would have been very helpful.

Who can enter?

Australian residents only can enter.

So what do you have to do to win a pack of Treasures Nappies?

To be in the running to win this amazing prize pack from Treasures, just tell us a great tip on how you keep your children sleeping throughout the night. Yes share your secret tips to win and help others. The most clever and useful answer will win. So get your thinking caps on and send in your entry to be in the running for this fab prize.

Include the hashtag

#SleepingTreasures within the comment


Enter by filling out your details here

Fill in your entry below and remember to leave a blog comment. The giveaway is open to Australian residents only.

By filling out your details you agree to be emailed news about the blog and sent our new newsletter when it launches. If you ever wish to unsubscribe you can do so by clicking the button on managing the subscriptions on the right hand side of the blog.  I hope you don’t as more great things are going to happen on the blog.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How long is the competition running for?

The competition is open from the 18th of April till midnight 30th of April.

Good luck everyone and keen to read all the tips to help babies sleep through the night.

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Red Velvet Cupcakes

For Christmas my mother in law gave me a box set of cupcake recipes. I have been wanting to try them out and especially the Red Velvet Cupcake recipe. I have never had red velvet cake or cupcakes so was very keen to give it a go.

Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe

Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe

As I have never cooked this before and had no idea what the outcome would be. I collected all ingredients to create my cupcake masterpiece and enlisted my two cute little helpers to help make a big mess in the kitchen. You can image the kids would be messy but it was me that was the problem. I managed to put a mixture of beetroot, water, lemon juice and vanilla extract onto the walls of my kitchen. Not only did I give my walls a nice purple addition, the kids got some of it as well. I was very happy that it all came off and no one is the wiser. Well they are now, since I have told you about it. (So be careful if you give it a go)


The girls were very taken with the fact that we were adding beetroot. I was wondering if you would taste it? In the recipe you do add cocoa and other things that will help take the edge off the beetroot taste. I was also keen to see if they looked a deep red like the recipe told me they would. Only time would tell… I had to continue making them to see if the instructions were right.

The kids helping me cook the red velvet cupcakes

The kids helping me cook the red velvet cupcakes

After all the mixing and adding the wet ingredients into the dry, the moment of truth was upon us. Will the mixture taste any good? As you can imagine the kids had to dip their fingers in for a taste. Lillian decided to go and have a spoonful and took a couple of goes and like it until it got a bit much for her. I tasted it and it was a bit sweet, but I thought due to cooking it might not be as sweet. Julia did not like the mixture and let me continue my test batch of red velvet cupcakes.

Trying the mixture.

Trying the mixture.

In the recipe it did mention that you can add more cocoa, and I did think of this but wanted to see how the recipe came out when you followed all instructions.

Cooked Red Velvet Cupcakes

Cooked Red Velvet Cupcakes

So what was the outcome?

I was not taken with them, but think I might need to try different ways of making red velvet cupcakes. Maybe more chocolate would take away the tartness or sweetness from the beetroot. Maybe less beetroot?

Do you love red velvet cupcakes? Do you add more cocoa to take the edge off the beetroot? What is your favourite recipe? How do I get them to be bright red?  Send in your tips and tricks.

Continue the discussion on our Twitter and Facebook Pages.

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New Twitter Profile

I was reading about Twitter’s new look for their profiles when low and behold, my account got updated with the new look. Yes how amazing is this.

My old look…

Old Twitter Profile, well just before I said yes change to the new one!

Old Twitter Profile, well just before I said yes change to the new one!

My new look on Twitter…

My new look on Twitter

My new look on Twitter

Twitter is rolling out the new look to everyone so be patient. I’m sure you will get your turn soon. While you wait, why not check out some other profiles that have the new look on their twitter account.

 So what do you need to know?

  • New dimensions for images; Cover image is 1500 x 500 pixels & Profile image is 400 x 400 pixels. Note: I found that adding my new cover image with recommended dimensions 1500 x 500 pixels it was rather pixelated and blurry. Geek Sugar is saying to upload your cover image as 1252 x 626 pixels to ensure it will not be pixelated. I will give this a go and see if it works.
  • Profile image now sits on the side and no text is over this cover photo
  • Cover image allows for calls to action, collage of photos and so much more. Why not change your cover image to align with seasons, products and giveaways.
  • Pinned Tweets – You can now pin tweets to the top of your timeline
  • High Performing Tweets – Tweets that are popular and performing well get displayed in bigger text than other tweets. To have high performing tweets, they will either be retweeted, favoured and shared more than others.
  • Tweet Filtering – You can now filter by just tweets or tweets and replies. When you visit another profile page you can chose what tweets you wish to see. You can filter them.  If you want the tweets with tweets, tweets with photos & videos, or tweets and replies. As this is new I have to give it a go and see what works.
  • Who to follow & Trends can be found on the other side of the page. Yes it has moved to the right hand side of the page.
  • All new accounts will get the new look. If you have not got it yet, it will happen in time.

So happy planning and fixing up your new looking Twitter Page and I hope this has helped you with the changes on Twitter.

Do you like the new changes to Twitter? Send in your comments or why not continue the discussion on Twitter or Facebook.

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We Survived Term 1 of Kindy

Term one for Kindy is over.Image courtesy of stockimages /

Term one for Kindy is over.Image courtesy of stockimages /

Term one has ended. Yes the kids have survived their first term at Kindy and so have I. Who knew there would be so many notes home, events, things to do and of course the magic of hearing your child read. It has truly been an eventful time.

Not only have they grown with their education, the girls have grown more height wise. We are not huge so don’t think that we have had a massive growth spurt. However it is just enough to have to tell the kids to sit down when I brush their hair. The extra height is also giving the twins an edge to get into more areas of the house. Not a major fan of this new found talent but they think they are super clever.

I must admit that I am keen to have sleep ins in the holidays and to see if I can get some things done around the house. Holidays have started in style with a trip to the movies. Yes, kids and I went to see the new Muppets film, “The Muppets Most Wanted“. It was funny in parts and the kids loved it so that is the main thing.

The one thing that I will not miss is the morning melt downs; the screaming when I ask kids to brush their hair, to find the other school shoe and where oh where is their reader for school? Or the school hat? It is not me that is going to school and I don’t care if you don’t have your hat and cannot play outside. It will be so nice to not worry about any of this for the next two weeks.

What about you? Have you survived the first term of Kindy? Are you thankful for the holidays? Will you get a sleep in? I might not, but not having to be anywhere for a certain time is relaxing enough. Send in your comments.

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Today’s Feel Good Post

Do you have dreams? I’m sure you do! I have been slowly working towards one in particular and have had some hiccups along the way.  Yes some dramas but nothing that cannot be fixed. I thought that this image I found on Pinterest was apt.

I also find that others tend to zap the joy out of what of some things, so I have decided to put my head down and not worry about them. If I believe it I can do it. I can.  Well at least give it a go!

Believe you can and you can! Image from

Believe you can and you can! Image from

Is there something that you are working on? Do you find that once you tell someone you get comments, some good and some bad? Although I find that the bad ones stay in my head. I do listen to constructive criticism but find that I need to just power on and not look at others work or compare.

“Comparison is the thief of happiness”, I read that somewhere and it is right.


Once you start comparing and judging yourself with what others have done you start to find fault and not see accomplishments and achievements.


I’m now off to have a cuppa tea and get working. Have a great day everyone.

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Announcement: Downloads Available

Hi all, I’m very pleased to announce a new section on the blog. Yes I have been hard at work creating some wonderful downloads for you all, and especially for Easter!

The download area has launched with Easter Bunny Cupcake Toppers and Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny (this is also able to be used for birthday parties).

All the cupcake toppers cut out

All the cupcake toppers cut out

More great downloads to be online the blog soon. I am thrilled that the blog has now got a new section and I will endeavor to populate it with more items for parties and kids activities.

Pin the tail on the Easter Bunny

Pin the tail on the Easter Bunny

Let me know if there is something in particular you are really needing and I will see what I can do!

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Best Australian Blogs 2014 – Vote for me!

Vote for me in the Best Australian Blog 2014 Comp. Just click on this logo on the right hand column of the blog and you will be taken to the right page to vote.

Vote for me in the Best Australian Blog 2014 Comp. Just click on this logo on the right hand column of the blog and you will be taken to the right page to vote.

I have been super busy organising new things for the blog and creating a whole new section, “Downloads“. Other than that, something exciting has happened, I am up for Best Australian Blog for 2014. Yes how amazing would this be.

This competition is run by The Australian Writers’ Centre and there are so many cool things that will happen if I win. To get anywhere close I need you to help me. Can you spare less than 5 minutes to vote for me? I hope so as it would be a great help to my campaign.

All you have to do is to go to this link for Best Australian Blogs 2014 and it will take you to the correct page to vote. Follow the prompts and it will only take a few seconds.

Thanks so much for your help and support.


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Off To The Opera

Figaro. Image found on

Figaro. Image found on

UPDATE: The Opera was put on hold. Once cast member broke their leg and the replacement is having a baby. So it has been rescheduled for next term. Glad we won’t miss it but was looking forward to it.

This is my post to make you all jealous. Yes you read that right. I fear that this will make you all green with envy. Just what about you ask and wonder?

Next Friday I am off to see Opera Australia perform “The Barber of Seville” at the twins school. Yes the opera! The Australian Opera is coming to perform. Not only are they going to showcase a wonderful story to the kids and open them up to costumes, the stage and great performances but they are allowing parents to tag along free! Yes FREE!

Well as long as I can find a seat that is. Would sitting on the floor be o.k if I was not in the way? How early is too early to wait to make sure I get seat? Should I turn up 30mins before the performance? Not sure what to do here….there might be heaps of interest and maybe none.

I have paid for the kids to go and now I am super excited for my day at the opera. Should I dress up? Or just wear jeans and a t-shirt? I was thinking of the big hat and annoying people behind me with my swanky outfit, but that will not be happening. I have no swanky big hat and don’t think I can muster up a fancy outfit even in a weeks notice. Maybe smart casual and some makeup is what is going to actually happen.

My nana (the girls GG) loves going to the Opera House due to loving Opera, but that is not the only reason. One major reason is that they have all sorts of people come to their performances of Opera, comedy, symphony and more.  Dress is not a major thing that is noted. Nana loves it that she can be with people in thongs, jeans and a t-shirt who are passionate about the arts, you also get people who are in designer frocks and all the accessories that go with it.

It is great that the Australian Opera is giving the kids a chance to experience opera and these types of performances. I grew up going to the theatre and saw many operas so I know it is going to make an impression. Making art available for all kids to experience is a good thing and many kids don’t get the opportunity to go to the opera or even a live performance of a play.

I bet you are now very jealous of me going to the opera next Friday while you might be at work or at lunch. I will think of you while having a nice pleasant midday matinee performance of “The Barber of Seville”. Wish me luck in getting a seat for the show next Friday, and then I will be able to enjoy it in style rather than trying to get room on the floor.

What have you been jealous of lately? Has someone won something? Did a certain someone get tickets or go somewhere you have always wanted to go? Let us know.

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