Kindy Over. Hello Holidays!

No more school for 2014. Kindy over and now on Summer Holidays.Image courtesy of digitalart at

No more school for 2014. Kindy over and now on Summer Holidays.Image courtesy of digitalart at

The kids are now officially on holidays. Yesterday was their last day at school. Also today is exactly seven days till Christmas and Santa arrives. Gosh it is getting exciting at our house. What about yours?

The twins have completed their first year at big school. Yes kindergarten is now done and dusted and they will go back as bigger kids entering grade one. The girls are so pleased with this and also some of their younger friends will be starting school next year and they are keen to look after then and show them around.

One thing that I did not predict was that the girls were very sad and cried a bit due to their older school buddy leaving primary to go to high school next year. It is sad but we can always see her at other times, and told the girls that one day they will also be leaving to go to high school. I know this is a way off yet, but it will happen in a blink of an eye.

I still cannot believe that they are six years old already, it only seems like yesterday they were babies.

So what have I learnt with the first year of primary school?

  • Notes from the school. You will find that you get a lot of notes. Don’t think your darling child will give you all these notes and some important announcements. You will need to go through their bag to ensure you have all announcements and notes from the school.
  • Keep some petty cash available for events at the school. There might be an excursion, stalls, fetes, cake stalls and so on. The kids need a bit of money to participate and if you have it at home it saves you going to the ATM or the bank.
  • Your child will lose some or nearly all of their uniform. Label everything! One of my girls lost a lunch box. Yes odd, but it happens.
  • If you can help in the classroom, I would do it. I loved helping the kids with their reading and assisting the teacher with this program. It was a joy to see my girls grow with their reading and be shown other things in class.
  • The kids school has an excellent canteen with very healthy food. If you have this option don’t worry about using the canteen for school lunches. They were cheap and gave me a break from thinking what to pack every so often. It was also a nice treat for the kids. Due to the fact that the kids go to school in the mountains and it is gets freezing in winter, having hot food options for lunches for winter is ideal and the canteen helped me then.
  • Change of Clothes. Due to the fact that kids are still young and in Kindy, I always had a spare pair of undies and socks in the bag. You never know if the child might have an accident or just walk in a puddle and get upset with the fact that they have wet socks. With the undies and socks, I also added a t-shirt, jumper and skivvy just in case the weather changes. In the mountains you never know so it is good to be prepared.

Hope this list helps some parents out there, my main point is to keep up with the news from the school. Make sure to read the newsletters and any updates. It is a whirlwind of info and events when you start but you become better at navigating what you need to do and where you need to be. I was also impressed that the teachers knew who each child was in the early days.

I did mention to the twins that due to the fact that the kids need to wear a uniform, teachers and others might find it hard to know who each person was. This was not true. Their teachers were amazing and figured it out. This was very impressive and made the girls very happy!

Now we are on school holidays and Christmas is fast approaching I have a number of things to get done. I have organised tickets to a film tomorrow for me and the twins, we are off to see the new Paddington film and I cannot wait. The girls have told me that they will help me tidy up a bit before Santa arrives and then the girls and I are off on a secret trip after Christmas…more info on this later!

How are you going now you are on school holidays? Are the kids super excited for the arrival of Santa? Have you got everything organised yet? I was lucky that I sorted hubby’s present yesterday, and yes I still need to wrap the kids presents but I have them.

However I just need to remember where they have been hidden throughout the house. Wish me luck I find them all!


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Popular Wine For the Holidays

Have you ever wondered what wine variety is the most popular in Australia? I have. According to this infographic from Wine Selectors, it seems like a Chardy and Shiraz are highly popular in Australia. Not really surprising with the Chardonnay. When I was little it seemed everyone drank this wine.

We are not the largest producer of wine in the world. This honour belongs to Italy, however we do produce enough to satisfy everyone in Australia and more!

With holiday season fast approaching what is your favourite drop?

I do like a nice Rosé on a hot summer day, or it could be a nice Sauvignon Blanc.  I am also partial to a nice red so a Shiraz or a Merlot depending on how I feel.

I might be having a nice drink after I brave Westfield for last minute Christmas shopping.  Yes I am crazy, hubby, the twins and I need to go to the big shopping centre for more choice. No way of getting out of it. I hope all goes well! Wish me luck. I do love going there, just not when it is so busy!

 Learn more about wine with the below infographic:

Australian Wines Lowdown | Wine SelectorsThis infographic has been researched & developed by Wine Selectors.
The Image Credit can be found here at Australian Wines Lowdown 2014 Infographic – Wineselectors


Remember: Drink in moderation and a little bit is okay. A good tip to stay hydrated is to have a glass of water or non alcoholic drink in-between glasses or have a break. Make sure to eat as well! Stay safe this holiday season and enjoy your time with friends and family.

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Get 5% off Car Rental with Redspot Sixt

I have a great announcement. Yes just in time for the holidays. Do you travel around Australia? Need to hire a car? Know someone that does? Are you and the family off on holiday soon? Need to save money hiring a car? Well this post is for you!

As a big thank you to all my followers and readers of the blog, Redspot Sixt Car Rentals and Mummy to Twins are offering you 5% off car rental!

Redspot Sixt Car Rentals

Redspot Sixt Car Rentals

Cheaper car rental is always good isn’t it? If you need a car this Christmas and school holidays, look no furhter than Redspot Sixt. They have everything you need.

Red from Redspot Sixt Car Rentals

Red from Redspot Sixt Car Rentals

Some more info on the deal:

  • 5% Off daily car hire rate.
  • Offer is based off Redspot Sixt Top Dog package
  • Offer includes taxes, fees, unlimited Kilometres^ and a $0 damage liability*
  • Rate available on all car class types
  • Redspot Sixt reserves the right to close special down at any time without notice
  • Special is subject to fleet availability
  • Renter must meet Redspot Sixt’s standard driver and credit qualifications in effect at the time and place of rental apply
  • Vehicle models may differ and specifications may vary by location
  • Vehicles can be reserved by car group only and not by particular car model or colour
  • Fleet subject to change without notice
  • Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion and is not available on contracted or corporate rates
  • One way rentals are available between selected locations. Special conditions may apply
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice
  • Standard Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


What are you waiting for? Click on the link and book your holiday car now! Redspot Sixt has locations all over Australia. Offices are in Canberra, Adelaide, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton, Mackay, Gold Coast, Cairns, Melbourne, Perth, Launceston, and Hobart.


What better way to thank my readers than give you 5% off car hire for your holidays!


It is also a nice early Christmas Pressie from me, Mummy to Twins.


Red the gorgeous dog from Redspot Sixt is excited as well!

Woof Woof! Cannot wait to see you when you book your car with us! I would be smiling too, with a discount of 5%! Woof Woof!

Woof Woof! Cannot wait to see you when you book your car with us! I would be smiling too, with a discount of 5%! Woof Woof!

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