Looking Back and Forward

I have been thinking about what a year 2015 was. I did want to accomplish more on the blog side and professionally but managed to do a bit of what I had planned.

  • Kids completed year 1 and did very well with reading and many other things. They have grown so much and really developed as their own person. Being in separate classes I think has really allowed each child to be what they can be without disruption or upset to each other. It allows them to be themselves and to have their own wins and accomplishments.
  • I went to Problogger and networked. I also learnt a lot and got inspired to do more with my blog and other ideas.
  • We did some much needed DIY around the house. I know have a nicer bathroom, kids in a newer room and other things fixed that I have been desperate to have done.
  • We were lucky to get pregnant and soon we are to have baby number 3. I was hoping to not be pregnant while writing this but I am still. Currently I’m 39 weeks and 3 days with baby number 3 and rather annoyed that he/she is still in my belly. The countdown is on little one!
  • I was lucky to get better after having a rough patch with being ill and especially while being pregnant it did not help. I am much better now and the only annoyance is when this baby will vacate my body.
  • Due to the new baby to be, the twins got moved into the bigger room and we have done up their old small room for the baby.

On a sad note we said goodbye to some good friends last year and it was rather painful due to that issue. It was a tough year due to that alone and being pregnant throughout this made it more difficult for me to deal with. I felt bad creating life while dealing with the loss. I know… they would not hold it against me but I did feel bad.

On the up side, we are well, have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, have good friends and are looking forward to what 2016 will bring us. The new baby is also something we are excited about and wondering when this little person will want to join the world.

The twins are excited about being in grade 2 this year and finding out what classes they will be in. We are in holiday mode currently and filling the days to keep kids busy and rest due to impeding birth is an interesting mix.

I will endeavor to attach the goals yet to have been achieved to this year and to strive towards them. Yes, I am not giving up just adding them to the list. Have you looked back on what you have done and been happy or sad? Or just it is what is was…. that said, I did all I could do and we are all okay.

What is your major thing or goal you wish to achieve in 2016? Let us know.

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KFC Big Bash Hits A Six

A BIG thanks to Eva and family for this review of the Sydney Sixers vs Melbourne Stars at the KFC Big Bash. I’m currently waddling everywhere and now 39 weeks pregnant with baby number 3. We are very close now and the birth day might be any day now.

And now Eva’s review below.


As readers of this blog are probably aware, Mummy to Twins founder Suzanne is really close to welcoming her new baby and as such has asked for a little help, and were were only too happy to step up.  The invitation came through to attend the Sydney Sixers vs Melbourne Stars BBL game at the Sydney Cricket Ground and we thought we’d give it a go. Not being a traditional cricketing family we weren’t really sure what to expect.

A little bit about us – we’re a family of 4, dad (reasonably interested in cricket but not fanatical), mum (I know what’s going on and can name a handful of players) and two boys Mr13 (TheGamer) and Mr10 (SoccerStar).

We’ve been to a few rugby league games but this would be our first family cricketing experience.

In preparation for our outing we started watching some of the BBL games on One so we could get a feel for what we’d be in for. Lots of colour, lots of commentary, and lots of movement. Looked like we were in for a fun evening.

I’d also prepared dinner to take with us as we have a few dietary issues to accommodate for and knowing that I could have this all sorted beforehand meant that it was one less stress for the evening. (KFC Big Bash allows visitors to take their own food to the games, this is great for families)

Gates of the SCG opened at 5:30pm and we arrived at 6:00pm ready for a 7:10pm start. So much action outside the gates and people everywhere. We had a quick look around at the stalls and activities but we were here for the cricket so we joined a queue. While in line we ran into another family we knew who came down from the Central Coast for the game and my husband spotted a mate buying more tickets. The game certainly attracted people from all over. We missed out on a clapper and KFC bucket but that meant we had less rubbish to throw away at the end.

We decided on seats a little higher up so we could see all the action just as the coin toss was going on. Pre-match was never dull as there were two commentators walking around the ground and talking to spectators, checking out the best dressed fans and all shown on the big screens so you never felt that you were missing anything. There was even a world record attempt by sunscreen company Solar D to have the most people applying sun screen at the same time (no word on if this record was achieved). So even though we had some time to wait before the game started, there was always something going on. Even watching the setting sun over the stands was an experience you don’t get to see every day.

And even if cricket is something that your partner of family enjoys more than you do there is a place for you. There was the super speedy crocheter, the ambivalent teen reading a novel and when you’re not quite sure which will take your fancy, you carry your Harry Potter book and mini bat in a KFC bucket.


Game time! Now we’re getting to see some runs on the board including a few fours and sixes. We even had one come right up into the stands near us.

Intermittently the crowd would be asked to JUMP to cheer on the Sixers – the first time Mr10 was unsure about what was going on, but once he saw that everyone else was getting into it, every other time he was the first to be up and jumping around madly.

Captain Moises Henriques was batting fantastically until he had to retire injured and I think this interrupted the Sixers momentum in reaching a big total. The crowd had high hopes for the bowlers especially when the first batsman for the Stars, Stonis, was out for a duck by O’Keefe. But the partnership between Maxwell and Handscomb was strong enough to see the Stars get their first win of the season.

Beyond the game we saw a pitch invasion (all family safe as he wasn’t nudey), the Sixers mascot meeting and greeting and the ever popular Mexican wave, but it didn’t come round until well into the second half of the evening. Once that wave gained momentum it had a couple of enthusiastic runs but it also required a quick explanation as to why people boo-ed each time it entered the Members Stands. The mid innings entertainment was fun with folks from the crowd selected to participate in a catching challenge.

Our verdict – a fun family night out. Mr 13 asked “when are we coming to see the next game?” and Mr 10 exclaimed that “it’s much more exciting at the game than watching it on TV”. Dad was enthusiastically clapping for all positive plays and I marvelled out how quickly the game progressed. So that’s four thumbs up from us and we’re all looking forward to coming along again to watch big Sydney hometown matchup between the Sixers and the Thunder on Saturday 16 Jan 2016.

If you wish to go to the KFC Big Bash and see some great games and entertainment, all you need to do is to go to the Big Bash Website and get tickets to the game of your choice. More info below:

  • Affordable ticket pricing.
    Family tickets are from $42.50 and that is for 2 adults and 2 kids to attend the game.
    If you don’t wish to purchase a family ticket, adults are from $20 per adult and kids are from $5.00. So that is very affordable.
  • Families can bring food to the game. This is great for kids who are fussy like mine or if you are like Eva’s family and have some dietary requirements that you would rather cater for.
  • Non allocated seating
  • Entertainment for the whole family


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Excitement and Frustration

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I will be 38 weeks pregnant. I have never been this pregnant and as you might imagine I am getting annoyed. Annoyed at everything and everyone. Yes sad but true. I did think that the baby would have arrived by now and due to having twins early I am so over it and trying things to evict this little person from my body. However anything I do has not been met with labor starting or even waters breaking so back to waiting and getting bigger and more annoyed as the days progress.

C'mon Baby..... you have been told your days are numbered. You need to vacate my belly!

C’mon Baby….. you have been told your days are numbered. You need to vacate my belly!

I have also had strangers put their hands on my belly and tell me what I am having due to the shape of how I’m carrying. This did not happen last time and it has taken me by surprise. I don’t like it and was not sure what to say. I know they all mean well but I just don’t understand why my belly is suddenly everyone’s property? Did that happen to you? Many have told me that I’m having a boy due to the way I’m carrying so should be interesting when we find out.

I saw that Michelle Bridges had her baby on the weekend. I thought we were due around the same time. Maybe she was a week or so ahead. I have no idea. Now I’m thinking that maybe I should have been doing more squats to make this baby come. Since hearing of the birth of Michelle Bridges little boy, I have added more squats into my day just in case. Well you never know right?

Another frustration at the moment is that I have a sore throat that I got from one of the kids. Yes I don’t feel very well on top of being pregnant. It is not that bad, just feeling generally unwell and a head cold, but it does not help as all I want to do is sleep. Annoying really especially in summer. Oh well. I have been taking vitamins, and sucking on lozenges to ease the symptoms and make myself feel better. Teas and juices as well.

All Christmas presents are wrapped and many are under the tree (I wanted to make sure it was all done just in case I was in the hospital and having the baby). The kids ones will go under the tree tomorrow due to sticky little fingers and curious minds that might spoil surprises before the day. Do you put the kids presents under the tree before Christmas Eve? Or are you like me you make sure that no one can mess with the presents?

Christmas Presents all done and wrapped. Phew!

Christmas Presents all done and wrapped. Phew!

On the excitement end we had a family friend do the ring test to see if the baby is a boy/girl. As you know we have not found out the sex. Some people think we know and are just not saying, but we really have no idea and birth will be the only clue as to if the baby is a boy or girl. This test was done at a BBQ with family and friends. The room was quiet and everyone was very curious about the test and the results. From this test it looks like we are having a girl. Not sure but thought that I was having a girl as I felt the same with the twins this pregnancy, however I did think I was having a boy last time and was very wrong, I ended up with two lovely girls.

I have done the Chinese Gender Prediction and they say that we are having a girl also….but you never know it could be a boy. We are not fussed and just hope that the baby is healthy and happy.

I put some clothes in suction bags to keep them in case, and then I could not find them. Very annoying. However I finally found the clothes.  I still need to go through the draws as I need to put things in sizes so that it is easier to find. I’m glad the clothes were found as I did not buy much for the baby due to already having clothes that I could not find. So happiness all round with this win!

We are all curious about what the new little baby will be like and when it will decide to be here. My hospital bag has been packed for a while and we are all ready if it happens now. Maybe I should take my hospital bag with me on my travels for Christmas Day? Not sure, but it might be a wise idea. At least I will have it if I need it.

I have also been drinking some Raspberry Leaf Tea to make things easier for birth. I have been doing this for a while now. I suppose it can’t hurt right? The night before my waters broke with the twins I had two cups of this tea and then the next morning at 4am my waters broke (33 weeks pregnant with twins), I was hoping that it might have the same affect with this pregnancy but it has not been the case. Maybe it was just the right time for the other pregnancy and plus having more than one child would have made it happen earlier.

The kids are super excited about Christmas and the baby in their view is taking a back seat. I think due to the baby not being here it is not a reality for the kids yet. Once born I’m sure there will be much more interest. I do understand that for kids Christmas is super exciting and much more interesting at the moment.

The decorated Christmas Tree - Not mine but it looks pretty doesn't it.

The decorated Christmas Tree – Not mine but it looks pretty doesn’t it.

I cannot wait to see their faces when they get their presents. I do love Christmas as much as the kids. I love getting surprises, and getting up early on Christmas Day seems to happen to me as well as the kids.

Were you pregnant over Christmas? Were you concerned that you would have the baby on Christmas Day? If you were pregnant were you super annoyed and frustrated that the baby had not come yet?

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